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2017 ESPRMC Graduate Research Symposium – The University of Alabama

I will be presenting “Benefits of Tracking Aids on a 1U CubeSat,” on Thursday, April 13 at the 2017 ESPRMC Graduate Research Symposium. Dr. O’Neill was my co-author. I hope to see you there.


Incoporating active/passive tracking aids into the design of a university/high school CubeSat mission promotes good space stewardship. Tracking aids are necessary for improved tracking covariance of CubeSats. Tracking aid support and design-space cost are covered. Reflectarrays, patch array(s), and deployable antennas show the potential benefit of transmitting data over S-band frequencies and tracking aids that enhance the mission capabilities. Passive and active tracking aids with low impact on the mission provide reduced covariance of CubeSats orbit tracks shown through use of modeling tools.