Gulfstream G-V CAD

It’s hard finding or making CAD models of aircraft. Companies are fiercely protective of their models that they spent millions of dollars developing. If you’re a researcher sometimes this means using a Plot Digitizer and drawing over images from the internet.

Pylon_Front_View NSF/NCAR Gulfstream G-V

The NSF/NCAR Gulfstream G-V was of particular interest for this project for two reasons. The CAD model was being developed to support proof-of-concept for equipment mounted on the wings. The NSF plane already has pylons to support research equipment. Secondly, Dr. O’Neill had located a Gulfstream G-V that could be used for the research.

After creating a (very rough) CAD model for the aircraft in a day I started work on a high fidelity model.

Sometimes it pays to do a little more research. NSF/NCAR provide an investigator handbook that gives exact dimensions in CAD drawings of the G-V courtesy of Lockheed Martin. Jackpot!

The finished model using the updated dimensions and exact locations of the pods will be provided later this week.

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