Monthly Archives: December 2016

STK Certified


I’m now STK Certified Level 1. This means that I can use the GUI and some snippets of code to develop and analyze a scenario. The testing scenario involved the ability to analyze the access of sensors on a small UAV to ground sites and compare that access with satellites and other vehicles given certain restrictions.

The video of the scenario I developed is available here: Video of Test Scenario

Cesium Demo Using STK Scenario/TLE Data

Coming Soon: Orbital Mechanics/Astrodynamic Problem Solutions

While in the midst of preparing for a journal paper I decided that I wanted to showcase my abilities. I will solve all the problems from Vladimir Chobotov’s Orbital Mechanics, Third Edition, and Richard Battin’s An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics, Revised Edition and post the solutions online. I hope to have this done by January 2.

Not only will this be a good review for myself but it will showcase my abilities to solve problems relating to the field I want to enter. Hopefully, it will prove to be a valuable tool in the future.

As for the featured picture: I am in the process of getting myself certified Level 1 with STK. I dropped this scenario into Cesium while I was practicing and exploring STK before the exam. My exam is due December 22. I will let you know the results soon!