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Bama Blitz: ARES is going to SPACE

For those of you who don’t know the Alabama Rocket Engineering System team’s long-term goals are to launch a University of Alabama made rocket carrying a Alabama made CubeSat to orbit. For more info on their goals/in the news:

In order to get there they are the College of Engineering’s premier student group. They are being featured in Bama Blitz, a fundraising campaign. A breakdown of what the money will be spent on is included in both the article and on their funding page. They are looking for about $12,000 total.

Bama Blitz only lasts until tomorrow!

Facebook page:

Space Operations and Support Technical Committee

Today I received official notice: I am a member of the AIAA Space Operations and Support Technical Committee (SOSTC). The SOSTC Charter:

The Space Operations and Support Technical Committee (SOSTC) is concerned with all aspects of civil, military, and commercial space operations and support, including direct and supporting operations, the systems and software affecting operations, and space operations and operational risk management. The SOSTC addresses all types of space operations, including manned and unmanned space operations from low Earth-orbiting to deep-space systems. It is involved with all phases of mission operations, including pre-launch and launch activities, early mission commissioning activities, on-orbit activities, cruise and encounter activities, post-landing activities, and end-of-life operations. The SOSTC likewise addresses space related operational support activities, including training, servicing, mission planning, flight dynamics, telemetry transmission, command and control, and data handling, processing, analysis, and storage.

I’m very thankful for this opportunity.