Post-Flight Analysis Report (PFAR) of RX1



Christopher R. Simpson built a rocket to pass his Level 1 (L1) certification from the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). The rocket was a kit from Madcow Rocketry; the “Frenzy,” [1]. The RX1 used an Aerotech H550ST-14A, “Super Thunder,” motor with a total impulse of 71.9 lb-sec and a burn time of 0.57 sec. Construction of the rocket, flight, and recovery are reviewed to analyze and critique operations.

Post-Flight Analysis Report (PFAR) attached here: PFAR-RX1 (26 Feb 2018)

YouTube link to flight:


A big thank you to Karson Holmes for certifying/critiquing me and William Ledbetter for making the trip to watch the fun take off! Also, a special thanks to Alabama Rocketry for allowing me to use their adapter.


Rocket Used:

Motor/Supplier Used:

Alabama Rocketry Facebook Page:

Pheonix Missile Works Facebook Page:




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